Mirrored Relationships

Week 3, Day 2. Your relationships are mirrors. Don't like what you see in your relationships? Take a look in the mirror. Don't like what you see in the mirror? Take a look at your closest relationships. If there is anything you see that you don't like- you can change it! I remember wondering what I was doing with one of my kids fathers. He was a shell of a person- no emotional depth, no stability, angry- yet I was so drawn to him. It wasn't until after our physical relationship resulted in an unplanned pregnancy that I realized that he was a reflection of the person I was after my divorce. And that in order to attract and be attracted to someone with depth of character, stability and real capacity to love- I'd need to develop those things in myself. It's not easy but most people want relationships to be based on integrity and trust- so it's important to evaluate whether we are providing that for ourselves and our relationships. Doing what we say and saying what we do- as Twinkle says- is the basis for building trust in ourselves and our relationships. Look in the mirror and then at your relationships... What do you see?