About Me


Childhood experiences can either rock you or propel you. Tanikka Price uses her childhood experiences to help others navigate the tough spots in their lives. She counsels and serves others through her legal practice, Price Legal Services, she educates others as a Community Health Educator at Moms2B, and she speaks, advocates and empowers her community by sharing her testimony and books. 

Using her experience as a survivor of sexual and physical abuse, abandonment, and rejection, Tanikka will help you get through "it" and get on with your life. You can get through any of life's roadblocks including financial crisis, homelessness, divorce, unplanned pregnancy, health crisis, death of a loved one, education struggles, and employment crisis. Through the struggle you will find your worth, your voice and find the path to happiness and contentment. 

Tanikka studied American Culture at Vassar College where her Senior Thesis entitled, "Moving Beyond Invisibility: America's Perception of Young, Single Black Motherhood" explored the ways that America limits the possibilities of young, single mothers living in poverty. It was based off her own experiences with an unplanned pregnancy while a student in college. 

She went on to law school while taking care of two babies and dedicated her practice to her community after hearing future President Barack Obama's speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. After two unsuccessful tries at the Bar Exam, Tanikka passed the bar in 2008 and opened Price Legal Services that same year. 

Tanikka's experience with carrying and delivering 2 pound twins propelled her into her career as a Community Health Educator. She attended Graduate School at The Ohio State University to study the link between African American women's trauma and health disparities. Her work led her to her current Doctor in Education program where she is expanding her studies to include the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) questionnaire and the impact of trauma on educational attainment. 

Since 5th Grade, Tanikka has been a rapper and still enjoys rapping and performing. She infuses faith, family and fun in everything she does. She has several chapbooks being released soon: Love Letters, A Black Girl Song, Vol. I; Gettin' the Mud Outta Your Wings, A Black Girl Song, Vol. II; and Freedom Rings, A Black Girl Song, Vol. III.