Week 3, Day 3. Boundaries. Today we are going to talk about setting boundaries. It is so important to establish boundaries in order to have healthy relationships. I didn't understand this for a long time. I was everything to everyone. I was there when you called; went to everybody's event; went to church every time the doors opened; I was on the phone for every crisis- and guess what? There was nothing left for me. I was empty. I was like Mary/Martha during Jesus' visit to the house. I was busy doing instead of being. And that busyness keeps us from the stillness through which God moves. Meditation and prayer can literally change the way our brains work. But when we keep going, going, going- we leave little room for knowing ourselves and loving ourselves. Let's put the doing on pause. Let's cherish the silence. Let's clear our calendars. Let's set boundaries and say no to things and people that drain us. It is in the silence that our character is developed. In the silence, we remember who we are. Be still, be you, be healed.