Darlene Champion

Okay... how come I was at the gym this morning working out and trying to read my book (Love Letters) and then the tears started to flow... I began to get a big lump in my throat and thought about all of my gym friends seeing me cry. My sweat covered my tears and those tears that were not covered were okay too. The book is awesome. I believe it is awesome because it is the truth and truth writing is real and real is powerful. You are just so real and so honest...I love that about you.


Arlinda Perryman

Tanikka, I listened to the 3 Voices broadcast that you did with Rita and Simeon and I wanted to let you know that I was really impressed with the peace and maturity that you seem to have found in your life.  It comes through in your spirit.  Kudos to you.  You young ladies have done well for yourselves!

Red Letter.jpg

Tre'Vera West

I just read your blog! I am so grateful for your life and how you allow Yah to use you and your family. You have blessed me tremendously today!