Life is What You Make It

I realized yesterday that life is a series of habits. You get in the habit of brushing your teeth, making up your bed (or not), going to school, working, etc. I was over the twins Godparents house and I was struck by how orderly things were in their house considering the fact that there was an infant and a three year old. Both children were bathed and in bed at a set time, the house was clean, primarily because the parents got hours after the kids were asleep to do what needed to be done. My household has never been like that! I've always just gone with the flow...Now I'm rethinking.

Devon told me that the key is setting a schedule and sticking to it no matter what. It's going to be even more necessary now that I'm having twins. I know now why God has this couple as the twins Godparents. Whatever you do today will determine where you go tomorrow. I touched on this in an earlier blog: we need to start making the small choices that will lead to the life we have all envisioned. I realized that now that motherhood has thrust itself upon me, I want it to be my focus. I love to write, so I can do that as well, but some of you will be surprised to find out that I am giving up my dreams of being a high powered female-Johnny Cocran. For now.

I'll still be young when my youngest child get's out of High School and I'll be able to assume any career I choose. Until then, I'm going to take it slow (as slow as possible with five kids) and focus on utilizing my creative energy for the greater good. Think about what you do today- your habits- are they leading to life or death? We must get a hold of our habits! Today...