Fear Not

Yesterday I went to an ultrasound appointment. It was a shocking experience. The first shock was that the Doctor's saw TWO GIRLS! I was planning on a girl and a boy (so was Jamir). However, whatever I am blessed with I will be grateful and happy. That means Jamir will be the only boy with four sisters. Anyway, the Doctor found a spot on
Baby B's brain which may indicate either Down Syndrome or Patau Syndrome, neither or which is a good diagnosis. He assured me that it only occurs in 3% of all cases of babies born with this brain spot, but Patau Syndrome is usually fatal. The Doctor advised that I could get an amnio which would tell defnitively whether the baby had either syndrome, but the test itself comes with the risk of miscarriage and/or increased birth defect.

When faced with that choice, my fear said "get the test, you need to know. How can you continue to carry a baby that may not make it?" But faith stepped in and said, "trust in God. He will never lead you where His grace cannot carry you." Although I was overwhelmed, I told the Doctor regardless of the diagnosis, I would carry the baby to full-term and put her in God's hands. After talking about the option of having a selective abortion (IN NYC) of the one fetus, I assured the Doctor I was going to see this one to the end. He then scheduled an appointment for me in two weeks because my cervix is beginning to shorten. This could be an indication of preterm labor. So, all you faith walkers, we really need your prayers. God is able and I know He will bring us through no matter what happens.

When I thought about how scary this situation was, especially after I looked up Patau Syndrome on Google, I heard God saying "FEAR NOT." I wrote a song called Fear Not where the chorus says,
Fear Not/What men may say
Fear Not/When trouble comes your way
Fear Not/No matter what you see
Fear Not/the World but Fear Me.

Sometimes you have to be reminded... So I will walk this walk, battling fear and believing by Faith that it will all work to His Glory. Love and Peace