Becoming Tanikka

It's amazing to be 31 and still be discovering who I am. I love this process of tearing down things I've always believed and held true and replacing those things with new beliefs. There are no limits to what we can do and learn; our ability to adapt is unbelievable. Take for instance my ability to cook. I've never been a cook and it was one of the reasons why I never planned on marrying and having children. My mother was a fabulous cook and I don't know why, I just never saw myself in the kitchen that way. I loved pizza and pretty much could have survived on pizza and canned foods, but I had a baby in college and entered into a relationship with someone who could cook and who assured me I would never have to worry about cooking.

How soon things change. When I first found myself single, shopping was unbearable and cooking was a disaster. We lived out of fast food places and the kids weight reflected that. But now, as I face a life as mother of five children, my maternal instincts are kicking in to the max. I wake up with a craving for fresh French toast, oranges, bananas, and bacon, and guess what? I cook! It's amazing for me and for the children.

Just imagine what other uncharted territory there is for me to conquer? Self esteem and encouragement from others goes a long way. I can do it! I think to myself as I'm standing over the stove, and I believe I can. So... What do you believe you can do today that you told yourself yesterday you couldn't? DO IT... And believe.