Another New Year

My last post was exactly a year ago. I was so confused, things were so foggy. Where was I going to live? Where was I going to work? How was I going to get over not passing my Master's Thesis? What about my marriage? I did a lot of hard work this year and it paid off. I applied to be a Professor at Columbus State in the Paralegal Department, frankly because that was the only place I could teach without a Master's Degree. And guess what? In August I started as an Adjunct Professor at Columbus State! #Winning. Also, I went back to my first love: working with moms and babies in my community. I started at Columbus Public Health Department at a group I used to work at: Caring for 2. That led me to my current position as Community Advocate or something at Moms 2 B- a position I love.

In April, I moved into a beautiful home where my kids can play in the back yard and ride bikes around the neighborhood. I have an organic garden in my back yard. I love it. And my kids are at great schools. My husband and I have weathered some tough storms together are we are still committed to one another. My life is not perfect and I am not where I want to be, but I'm very, very appreciative of where I am.

I am detailing my struggles with weight loss on my other blog I am currently doing the Love Dare on my husband. Lots of great stuff happening around here. Lots of healing and wholeness and happiness. And lots of appreciation, for my parents, my grandparents and my children.