For the first time last night I dreamed I was pregnant with twins. I believe this is a true breakthrough because allegedly your dreams are your subconscious mind working through your issues. I dreamt that I was expectant and I went over Tom Cruise's house where I met his seven or eight kids which included a set of twins. He was married to a Greek woman. In this dream I was the celebrity (that happens quite often in my dreams) they were so excited to be meeting me. In addition, I was about a size 12 (in real life I'm a size 18). I wonder what it means that I'm always size 9 in my dreams? I want to know if that means I'm in denial about my weight or if I have never allowed my weight to define me?

Being overweight, obese, plus size, those things never suited me. Instead, I tend to think of myself as a beautiful woman who just happens to have to shop at the Avenue, or Lane Bryant. I always thought I could do anything that a skinny girl could do and never had a lot of resentment from other women who were smaller. Different strokes for different folks. Some like small girls, some like big girls!

Anyway, back to my breakthrough. So, last night when I met Tom Cruise and his twins, I told he and his wife that I was pregnant with twins. Even as I was saying it I was having an ephiphany that this was real, that I was really pregnant with twins and that at 22 weeks they were more likely than not to be a reality in my life. For the past 20 weeks, if anything had happened and the twins had come early, they would not have made it. But now, in just two more weeks they will be viable- that means they can survive outside of the womb although they will be four months premature. So, I'm starting to feel more like this is real. And my dream proved that I'm actually accepting this change in my life.

An AOL essay entitled: "Dreams: the Language of the Subconscious" contains the following quote: "To become self-aware, we should look first at what the inner self may be trying to express through dreams. Some dreams take on the burdens we cannot or choose not to face - these dreams warn or relieve stress. Others offer us circumstances and fantasies that we cannot experience in the present physical body. These dreams entertain and relieve stress. Occasionally there are dreams that make contact with long distance, other time periods, or future events. These are the dreams we seek -- the ones that can be the true source of a deja vu or that prove to have been prophetic."

So, my dreams have finally caught up with reality. I'm really, truly having twins and embarking upon a new chapter in my young life. Good Night, Good Luck and Sweet Dreams!