Establing before Enlarging My Territory

I am a writer and soon I'll get to doing that, but for right now I'm trying to do better with what is already on my plate. A few years ago everyone was praying the Prayer of Jabez: "Enlarge my territory" however, something dropped in my Spirit: Before enlarging my territory, I need to be established with the territory I have already been entrusted with. How do I mean? Well, my dream car is a BMW 325. However, I need to treat my Chevy Equinox like it IS my dream car. My dream house is a 2,000 square foot mansion but I need to clean and care for my 903 foot ranch like it is that mansion. The same goes for my job, my kids, my husband, my body, my finances. The Bible says if we are faithful over a few things He will make is rulers over many. So many of us are waiting for the next big thing in our lives without realizing that today is the dream of yesterday. We are so busy getting to the next phase of life that we are not enjoying the here and now. No matter what your situation, you are blessed. You are not where you usedto be. You are the one who will be the Master of your fate. With God's help all things are possible. If you start walking by faith nothing will be impossible to you. Join your faith with other believers and watch things happen!