Love Stories

Why am I here? It's one of life's most pressing questions. I set out to answer this question by examining the relationships that made me. Both of my Grandparents were divorced, so were my parents. But my Uncle George (my Granny's baby brother) sparked something in me when he told me how much my parents loved each other. He told me, before he passed, that although they act like they hate each other now, there was a deep love and connection when I was conceived. That always stuck with me. It helped me in times where I felt like I was a mistake, or that I should have never been born. The pain of divorce will make you feel like that. But anyone who has experienced a period of infertility will tell you- being conceived is a blessing, and being born an even bigger blessing. We are not here by chance or mistake or happen stance. We are all made up of love and the relationships that made us are our love stories...I'm researching to uncover my love stories!