Know your Other Numbers

Week 2, Day 2. Know your other numbers! I'm talking about finances. This blog post is so important I dreamed about it last night. So many of us have our peace of mind stolen daily by lack, or by debt or mismanagement of what we have. But that can change today. You have to know your numbers. 
1. Write down all income from all sources
2. Write down all monthly (or weekly) debt from all sources. (Grab your bills)
3. Figure out what you spend on variable expenses get last months bank statement or keep receipts for a month to see what you are spending on groceries, fast food, gas, Amazon (!), etc. 
4. If what comes in is more than what's going out- you're good! Start saving for short term and long term goals! If what comes in is LESS than what goes out, it's time to make some changes. Increase your income or decrease your expenses. 
5. Prioritize the essentials and non-essentials then start deleting non-essentials. Do you need cable AND Hulu AND Netflix? Pack lunch to cut down on eating out, grocery shop at low end versus high end grocery stores (Bye Whole Foods, hello Aldi's!). Youtube and learn how to keep your hair fresh at home. You can make cuts and still be a Diva. What feels good is bills paid, money in the bank, able to help those in need and hair done, nails done, everything did! 
6. Moving forward it's a great rule to take 10% in cash for spending money, 10% to savings and 10% tithes to show God you are grateful.  Spend the other 70% on bills. 2016 can be the year you take charge of your finances but first you have to know your other numbers!