Be Present!

Day 5, Be Present! This is a hard one for many of us but studies show being in the moment, through prayer, meditation, yoga or mindfulness, reduces stress. Most of us are always on the run, going from one thing to another. But one way I got through law school, divorce, kids, unemployment, failed Master's degree, failing the bar exam twice, recoving with a broken leg, living with traumatic brain injury and fibromyalgia- the list goes on- was to tackle each thing in front of me with 100%. Everything else could wait. Most stress comes from dwelling on the things behind us or worrying about things to come. Right now- this moment has enough problems of it's own. It's difficult to be in the moment without practicing how to be in the moment. So Youtube has videos of mindfulness, yoga and meditation. is a great app and a wonderful place to start. Stay in the moment today!