Dealing with Life

Someone this weeks said, "It's always something!" And Tommy Gallo, when talking about his struggle with anxiety said you wake up and do what you have to do to get through the next day. What do you do when you confont adversity. I have been the type of person who let problems in life rattle me. It took me a year to get over failing the bar exam each time! Other times, grieving and trying to get over a relationship put me in a rebound relationship where my guard was down and the outcome was all bad. But Tommy got me to thinking. Stuff does always happen but what if we got up and kept going? Some people do this to the detriment of dealing with the stuff going on in their life. I'm not suggesting that. You have to deal with what is bothering you inside. However, you don't have to check out and risk your job, relationships or health while dealing with your stuff. Your routine helps you to keep going. Exercising and eating right are at the top of the list of things that will nourish you while you get through. In addition, praying and fasting will also help give you clarity and direction. It's always something and we would be naive to think that obstacles won't come. But what we choose to do in the meantime can make a big difference in the fallout. Because eventually, we will have to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. Thanks, Tommy!