The Bible, Biology and Bioethics

This is a rather difficult post to write but I'm just going to spit it out. Many people wonder how do people keep having babies when there is a plethora of birth control to choose from and use? I believe it's because the body was not designed to use birth control but it was designed to procreate. Watching a DVD called "The Miracle of Life" by Linnart Nilsson, the kids and I learned that during ovulation women's eyes change as well as their skin. All these changes make them more easily aroused in the bodies attempt to ensure that mating occurs within the 24 hour window that the egg is able to be fertilized. Yes, people, just like in the wild, we are hard wired to reproduce. Hormones are released during ovulation that make the slightest touch create arousal. So... that could explain why I was in rare form the day the twins were conceived. Now this is not to excuse the sin, or to suggest that we should not practice so-called "safe sex." I'm just saying for some of us with stronger response mechanisms, once aroused, there may not be such thing as "safe sex."

Kalia was conceived using the diaphragm, Kaissa was conceived using condoms which were later recalled because they were drying out and small holes were forming. Jamir... not sure about that one, but you get the point. No birth control is 100%, and our bodies are so interested in reproducing that they can get around birth control methods. After ejaculation millions of sperm are released, however, only one (or in my case two eggs/two sperms) penetrate the eggs. What odds!? Also, the male and female must maintain a certain body heat during the act in order for reproduction to take place. It may seem easy for me to get pregnant, but ask the many people who have struggled with infertility- once we trick our bodies into thwarting the reproduction process for years, sometimes even decades, we wonder why the body will no longer respond the way it was designed?

Maybe I'll get some negative feedback on this blog. But I don't think that we were designed to need birth control (BC). In an ideal situation, there would be no need for BC (just ask the Catholic Church where BC is still not allowed). The jury is still out on whether or not God approves of BC, however, there is a story in Genesis of Judah, whose son "spilled his seed on the ground" when going into Tamar (pulled out) and God struck him dead for this abomination. I don't know...But I'm just saying- it's a natural urge to mate during ovulation- we were wired and programmed that way. Is sex education class enough to keep us from doing what we are hard wired to do?