Becoming Whole

I realized that this stage in my life is more about becoming whole than about becoming Tanikka. I've always managed to be true to myself and make choices I could live with, but now I must become whole so I don't keep reaching to things which are holding me back from my destiny.

I want to respond to issue #2 that's come up in response to my Blog: God's role in my life. I am the Captain of my ship, the Master of my fate, but God is the wind. Anyone who has been in a sailboat knows you can only go where the wind blows. So I feel like, although I have free will and I make choices everyday, God is still ultimately in control. And if I keep my faith in Him, I will ultimately fufill my purpose on Earth. Anyone who has read the purpose driven life knows there is no purpose outside of God.

So... I hope that clears up some confusion. This is not blind faith in Grandma's religion, this is faith that comes from living through life experiences where I could have physically died had it not been for something greater than I; I could have lost my mind; or at the very least resorted to alcohol and drugs to cope. But through it all, I have learned that the more you go through, the more you can find yourself trusting in God.

I'm becoming whole. And I've finally given myself permission to take it slow. I bears repeating- this is not an overnight metamorphisis, but rather a process to get to the root of the hurt and pain inside and find healing and wholeness. This blog is one step in that direction. I am committing myself to unleashing the writer within. I am nurturing that side of me and believe that this will lead me to my destiny.

Good Night and Good Luck (I just always wanted to say that- George Clooney is so cool!)